The paper presents method for planning robotic dexterous hand grasping task using example of the Beihang University’s BH-4 dexterous hand. The grasping planning method is devised through modeling and simulation and experimentally verified using physical prototype. The paper presents the method for forward and inverse kinematic solutions of the BH-4 robot 4-DOF finger, including transformation matrix between the palm coordinate system and the finger base coordinate system. In addition, the method of the idiographic manipulation is presented using example of ball grasping. The simulation results and physical experiment verify that the inverse kinematic solution is correct, and kinematic grasping and operating planning is valid and feasible. Finally, the experiment with the complex system integrated robot arm with dexterous hand is carried out. Experimental result shows that the more complicated grasping task can be done by a dexterous hand integrated in the robot arm system.

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