In this paper we present details of a finger mechanism designed as part of an ongoing research on a force feedback glove. The glove will be used in virtual reality applications where it will provide force feedback to the user as he grasps virtual objects. Haptic (touch and force) feedback is an essential component to make the simulated environment feel more realistic to the user. The design employs an innovative mechanism that wraps around each finger. Each mechanism is controlled by one cable. By controlling the tension on the cable and the displacement of the cable, we can control the amount of force applied to the user’s finger at any given position of the mechanism. The glove can provide distributed forces at the bottom surface of each finger while reducing the number of actuators and sensors. First kinematic and force analysis of the mechanism along with experimental verifications are presented. Following description of an experiment to determine grasping forces, we conclude with an overview of the next steps in this research.

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