The present work is concerned with use of bayonet type high temperature heat exchanger as silicon carbide integrated decomposer (SID) which produces sulfuric acid decomposition product - sulfur dioxide. The product can be used within the sulfur iodine thermo-chemical cycle portion of the hydrogen production process. The chemical decomposition occurs in packed bed area of the decomposer. The engineering design of the packed bed is very much influenced by the structure of the packing matrix, which is governed by the shape, dimensions and the loading of the constituent particles. Optimum design of catalyst pellet in terms of shape configuration, packing method and available surface area can promote catalytic activity and the prevailing transport properties of the system. Knowledge of the underlying factors should enable designers to engineer the optimum design for a given system with prescribed conditions. The investigations of fluid flow and the arrangement of cylindrical and spherical pellets in packed bed are presented in the paper.

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