The objective of this study is to analyze the thermo-mechanical behavior of a two-layer cylindrical material, subjected to variable thermal solicitations. The thermo-mechanical coupling is done by the consideration of the spatiotemporal variations of the temperature in the mechanical problem on one hand, and by means of the variations of the thermal and mechanical properties on the other hand. The study is led in two dimensions (r, z) on a cylindrical multi-material consisting of two layers subjected to a periodic or constant heat flux on one face, and to an exchange condition on the opposite face. Other faces are supposed to be insulated. We compare two approaches of the problem, the first one is a local approach based on a theoretical study of the thermal and mechanical fields (thermal transfer and constraints) and the second approach is based on the notion of equivalence of the thermo-physical properties of both layers to only one. Thus, this second approach is a homogenization of the multi-material in a single fictitious material possessing the same thermo-mechanical behavior.

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