Numerical study natural convection heat transfer inside a differentially heated square cavity with adiabatic horizontal walls and vertical isothermal walls is investigated. Two perfectly conductive thin fins are attached to the isothermal walls. To solve the governing differential mass, momentum and energy equations a finite volume code based on Pantenkar’s simpler method is developed and utilized. The results are presented in form of streamlines, isotherms as well as Nusselt number for Rayleigh number ranging from 104 up to 107. It is shown that the mean Nusselt number is affected by the position of the fins and length of the fins as well as the Rayleigh number. It is also observed that maximum Nusselt number occurs about the middle of the enclosure where Lf is grater the 0.5. In addition the Nusselt number stays constant and does not varies with width of the cavity (lf) when Lf is equal to 0.5 and Rayleigh number is equal to 104 and 107 as well as when Lf is equal to 0.6 and low Rayleigh numbers.

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