We have investigated the negative viscosity of a colloidal dispersion composed of ferromagnetic rod-like particles, which have a magnetic moment normal to the particle axis. A simple shear flow problem has been treated to clarify the particle orientational distribution and rheological properties of such a semi-dense dispersion, under circumstances of an external magnetic field applied in the direction normal to the shear plane of a simple shear flow. The results obtained here are summarized as follows. For the cases of a very strong magnetic field and magnetic interactions between particles, the magnetic moment of the rodlike particles is significantly restricted in the magnetic field direction, so that the particle approximately aligns in the shear flow direction. Also, the particle can easily rotate around the axis of the cluster almost freely even in a simple shear flow. Characteristic orientational properties of the particle cause negative viscosity, as in the previous study for a dilute dispersion. However, magnetic particle-particle interactions have a function to make such negative viscosity decrease.

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