Recently, microchannel liquid cooling technology showed very high heat transfer coefficients enabling high heat fluxes at allowable wall temperatures. It promises to be a potential solution to high flux electronics. This paper presents result of two related areas in the field of microchannel heat transfer. First, experimental results of serpentine-type fluoroplastic evaporated thermosyphons for microchannel applications are presented. R11 and R113 were used as working fluid, and it was shown that R11 has higher heat removal rate than R113. Flow distribution and flow characteristics (liquid, vapor, mixture etc) are discussed. Later discussion is extended towards key issues in mini and micro channels, and proposed correlations will be discussed. It is our great honor to contribute to Prof. Sadik Kakac symposium to celebrate his 75th birthday. We feel privileged knowing him and learning from his scientific books, papers, and personal discussions. We wish him a happy, healthy, and long life.

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