This paper presents a study of nanofluid flow through microchannel. Its focus is on the design and optimization of microchannel assembly with emphasis on the design of manifold or jacket. The test setup consists of ninety-nine 120μm×120μm×20mm channels, nanofluid flow loop, heat source, thermal sensors and pressure transducers. Flow of nanofluid through the channels is regulated using a peristaltic pump. Numerical iterations were performed to study the effect of inlet and exit flow locations and shape of the jacket on uniform distribution of nanofluid in the channels. Based on the numerical results, it is recommended that for uniform flow distribution in the microchannel, a trapezoidal shaped jacket should be used. The results obtained from this work provided an insight on the variation of the flow patterns within the channel. It reveals that flow uniformity among the channels largely depends on the shape of the manifolds, length and location of inlet and outlets, and the inlet flow rate.

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