Finite element method has been implemented to predict stress intensity factors (SIFs) for radial cracks in annular discs under constant angular velocity. Effects of internal and external uniform pressure on the SIFs have also been considered. Linear elastic fracture mechanics finite element analyses have been performed and results are presented in the form of crack configuration factors for a wide range of components and crack geometry parameters. These parameters are chosen to be representative of typical practical situations. The extensive range of crack configuration factors obtained from the analyses is then used to develop equivalent prediction equations via a statistical multiple non-linear regression model. The accuracy of this model is measured using a multiple coefficient of determination, R2, where 0 ≤ R2 ≤ 1. This coefficient is found to be greater than or equal to 0.98 for all cases considered in this study, demonstrating the quality of the model fit to the data. These equations for the SIFs enable designers to predict fatigue life of the components easily.

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