The goal of the “Domestic Hot Water Heater Using Air Conditioner (A/C) Waste Heat” design project was to introduce students to designing mechanical systems in the “ETME475-Mechanical Systems Design” course. The design project was assigned to two Mechanical Engineering Technology students as their second design project in the course. Students were asked to do their own literature search and create their own designs. Both of them decided to use a concentric-tube heat exchanger to extract heat from hot refrigerant gas to heat water residing in domestic hot water heater tank. Their literature search led them to some manufacturers. Since delivery time for concentric-tube heat exchanger was too long, we purchased a side-by-side-tube heat exchanger and got it installed on our Heat Pump. Some test runs were conducted to measure the efficiency of the unit and its effect on the Coefficient of Performance (COP) of the Heat Pump when heat pump is operated in A/C mode. Contrary to our expectations, results indicate that, COP values have been reduced by about 22%. Measured efficiency of the unit was about 18%. Students have designed a concentric-tube heat exchanger, turned in their final reports and orally presented their designs to the class.

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