It is agreed that the main factors in sustainability are the environment, economy and the society; however, it is still largely undecided how organizations can best transform themselves to incorporate consideration of these factors. Successful integration of sustainability into the business plan will require an organization-wide effort. A proven technique in organizations for creating systemic change is Organization Development (OD). Unfortunately, OD has not yet been extended to include the key areas of sustainability and organized within a practical framework for implementation. This paper extends OD for Sustainability (ODFS), creating a conceptual model called here “the Sustainable House.” The conceptual model clarifies sustainable organizational characteristics and interdisciplinary interactions. The PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) approach is introduced as a framework for implementing ODFS. It is demonstrated that ODFS requires a substantial support structure and a dynamic learning process for accumulating knowledge. This article identifies key areas of ODFS and provides a conceptual model and a framework for operationalizing sustainability into organizations. Various sustainable tools, methodologies, interacting concepts and gaps in ODFS are also included.

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