This work investigates the use of frequency spectrum analysis of waveguide propagation in multi-layered anisotropic piezoelectric transducers. A semi-analytical finite-element analysis (SAFE) is used to model the transducer as a piezoelectric infinite plate. Dispersion curves, group velocities and displacement frequency spectra can be obtained for any multilayered piezoelectric plate. Stress-free boundary conditions were assumed for all analyses. Results for open and closed circuit boundary conditions were analyzed. Zero-Group-Velocity (ZGV) frequencies of high-order waveguide modes were observed to provide multi-resonant displacement frequency spectrum. Comparison of numerical and experimental results shows a good agreement between peak and off-peak values of the displacement spectrum. Results showed that optimization of layered structure may provide an efficient means for generating multi-thickness (ZGV) waveguide modes, thus increasing the bandwidth of harmonic ultrasound transducers for contrast imaging.

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