This paper compares the current THOR-NT and the Hybrid III in two different test series: The first series (series A) consisted of sled tests at 56 km per hour and a second series (series B) consisted of vehicle offset deformable barrier tests at 56 km per hour. Series A focused on comparing the repeatability of the impact response of the two dummies, in both full frontal and angled sled tests, for the head accelerations, thorax deflection and accelerations, pelvic accelerations, and neck loads. Series B focused on comparing the two dummies in a vehicle environment. The THOR dummy is considerably more complex than the Hybrid III and requires an increased workload in terms of handling and positioning, especially in a vehicle environment. With the limited data in this study, it was apparent that the THOR and Hybrid III have nominally the same level of repeatability. However, because of the increased instrumentation in the THOR, insights, in terms of impact response, can be obtained that cannot be obtained with the Hybrid III.

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