Miniaturization, high reliability and low manufacturing costs require close spatial integration of mechanics and electronics. New production technologies such as MID (Molded Interconnect Devices), with which spatial electronic circuit carriers can be manufactured, offer intriguing possibilities. However, these production technologies already determine the product concepts. The product and the production system development must be interrelated. This development will be shown through the example of a miniature robot. The miniature robot is supposed to be manufactured in large quantity. It is to act as an experimental object for swarm intelligence and multi-agent applications of computer science, as well as using the Technology MID. A new methodology is necessary for the design of systems with MID. This paper describes first a procedural model for the integrated design of 3-D molded interconnect devices. And then it presents the specification techniques for the constant cross-domain description of such systems, from the principal solution to prototypes. The procedure and the application of the specification techniques are shown through the example of the housing of an autonomous miniature robot.

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