This paper analyzes the influence of the misalignment between the master gear shaft and the top shaft in the durability of the latter. Previous research papers describe that the harmful influence of an excessive flotation, fundamentally in the life of the top shaft, is due to an increase of contact forces in the square coupling. No previous papers include an analysis of the loads that would allow you to know the value of the installation misalignment for a flotation in a certain operation, in order to reach a tensional state more favorable in the more frequent areas of failure of these shafts. The described procedure permits you to know the optimum values of the installation misalignment for a certain mill and the acting load system with which the durability of the shafts of the sugar cane mills is increased. The tool used to reach these results, is the Fracture Mechanic applied along with a satisfactory analysis diagram from the point of view of the load system treatment, and the exactness reached in the calculations.

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