Finite element analysis (FEA) programs depend on accurate evaluation of mechanical and physical properties for determination of thermo-mechanical characteristics of wheel designs. For wheel residual stress analyses, both property types are equally important. Also important is knowledge of the anisotropy of properties in a design. For this paper, the authors tested AAR M107/M208 Class “C” steel ingot material and an as-forged (but untreated) wheel. The information presented includes elevated temperature mechanical properties of ingot material taken in circumferential, radial and axial orientations at two depth positions. High temperature mechanical property data (not currently found in the literature beyond 1800F) is also included for the ingot steel. Untreated as-forged AAR Class “C” material mechanical properties were evaluated at temperatures up to 2000F, and at the rim, plate and hub locations. High temperature mechanical property data for heat treated micro-alloy AAR Class “C” wheels are also presented.

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