This paper introducing some recent research progress consists of two parts: the shear deformation analysis and Poisson’s ratios for woven fabrics. The analytical methods of the shear moduli and Poisson’s ratios for woven fabrics will enable more rigorous studies on such important issues of fabric bending and draping behaviors. A new mechanical model is proposed in this paper to evaluate the shearing properties for woven fabrics during the initial slip region. Compared to the existing mechanical models for fabric shear, this model involves not only bending but also torsion of curved yarns. Analytical results show that this model provides better agreement with the experiments for both the initial shear modulus and the slipping angle than the existing models. Furthermore, another mechanical model for a woven fabric made of extensible yarns is developed to calculate the fabric Poisson’s ratios. Theoretical results are compared with the available experimental data. A thorough examination on the influences of various mechanical properties of yarns and structural parameters of fabrics on the Poisson’s ratios of a woven fabric is given.

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