In this study, we performed linear and nonlinear FE (Finite Element) analyses to compute J-integrals for a centrally perforated star-shaped disc, which is made of an elastomeric material, under crack surface pressures and isothermal loads. Deformations of the disc were constrained by a circular steel ring enclosing the disc. Different crack sizes were assumed to exist in the front of the star-shaped notches. For linear the analysis, material compressibility was modeled with Poisson’s varying form 0.48 to 0.4999. In addition, with the presence of the crack surface pressure, the J-integral needs to be modified by including an additional line integral. Numerical studies showed that the value of the J-integral increases with the increase of the crack length, reaches a maximum value at 1in of crack length, and then decreases gradually. Both linear and nonlinear analyses agree qualitatively but differ quantitatively. It was also found that values of the J-integral strongly depend upon the material compressibility.

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