Micro-fluidic devices have many applications such as clinical diagnostics, drug delivery, and microelectronics cooling. So far, most micro-fluidic devices are fabricated using the well established photo-lithography process. In this paper, we present laser-based techniques for fabricating polymer micro-fluidic devices. Advantages using polymers as a material for micro-fluidic applications are discussed. A UV excimer laser and a femtosecond laser are used to machine polymer micro-fluidic structures directly. This direct machining process suits the need of rapid prototyping, as in many applications changes from the original design are often required. As examples, two polymer micro-systems are developed: a micro-check valve and a micro diffuser pump. Further, a micro stamping process for rapid replication is also developed. A photoetchable glass-ceramic stamp is utilized for this process and several polymer-micro devices are fabricated using this process.

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