A Hybrid CFD-Mathematical (HyCoM) model was developed to predict the performance of a Micro Loop Heat Pipe (MLHP) as a function of input heat rate. A micro loop heat pipe is a passive two-phase heat transport device, consisting of microevaporator, microcondenser, micro-compensation chamber (CC), and liquid and vapor lines. A CFD model was incorporated into a loop solver code to identify heat leak to the CC. Two-phase pressure drop in the condenser was calculated by several two phase correlations and results were compared [2]. Capillary tube correlations [3] were used for pressure drop calculations in fluid lines. Effects of working fluid and change in geometry were studied. For a heat transport distance of 10 mm, the base model MLHP was 50mm long, 16mm wide and 1mm thick. In the base model, widths of the grooves, liquid and vapor lines, evaporator, and condenser were 55μm, 200μm, 750μm, 2mm, and 4mm respectively.

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