Thick-section composites made from plain weave (5×5) S-2 glass fabrics and toughened API epoxy SC15 resin are impacted with right circular cylinder projectiles at different impact velocities, and at support span of diameter 101.6-mm. The impact and residual velocity of the projectiles are measured using flash X-Ray. Ballistic energy dissipated in the composite plates is determined following an energy balance approach. The damage mechanisms under ballistic impact are evaluated by sectioning each composite plate through the impact axis. Composite damage mechanisms are presented as a function of dimensionless impact and residual velocity, VI/V50 and VR/V50, respectively. It has been identified that the damage mechanisms are significantly different in case of partial-penetration (VR/V50=0), than the case of complete-penetration (VR/V500). The effect of pre-defined delamination planes on the ballistic limit and damage is investigated.

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