Liquid nitrogen (LN2) was widely applied in many areas, but researches on the boiling behavior under the transient high heat flux have not been reported. In this paper, the high power short pulse duration laser was used to heat the saturated LN2 rapidly, and the high-speed photography aided by the spark light system was employed to take series of photos which displayed the process of LN2’s boiling behavior under such conditions. At the same time, a special temperature measuring system was applied to record the temperature variation of the heating surface. The experimental result disclosed that at the earlier stage of laser heating, an explosive boiling would happen within LN2. After the newly-defined changeover time, the conventional boiling behavior would follow. Therefore the changeover time became an important index to distinguish these two kinds of boiling behaviors. By analyzing the temperature variation of the heating surface, it is found that the latent heat released by the crack of bubbles in explosive boiling is an important factor that greatly influences the boiling heat transfer mechanism.

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