We report a new technology for the selective deposition of a semi-conducting single-walled carbon nanotube(SWNT) between two electrodes. This technology consists of two processes. First, to separate the most of metallic nanotubes from semi-conducting ones and align the nanotubes, we applied dc and ac voltage to the electrodes respectively. But, in spite of the separation of the metallic nanotubes from semi-conducting nanotubes, some of metallic nanotubes and semi-conducting nanotubes are still deposited together. The second process is to burn the metallic and semi-conducting nanotubes by applying the voltage between two electrodes which enable to obtain a single semi-conducting nanotube structure. We verified the trace of the burning by SEM images or AFM images, and checked the characteristic of semi-conducting nanotubes through the I-V characteristic graph.

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