Process Control is one of the key methods to improve manufacturing quality. This research proposes a neural network based run-to-run process control scheme that is adaptive to the time-varying environment. Two multilayer feedforward neural networks are implemented to conduct the process control and system identification duties. The controller neural network equips the control system with more capability in handling complicate nonlinear processes. With the system information provided by this neural network, batch polishing time (T) an additional control variable, can be implemented along with the commonly used down force (p) and relative speed between the plashing pad and the plashed wafer (v). Computer simulations and experiments on copper chemical mechanical polishing processes illustrate that in drafting suppression and environmental changing adaptation that the proposed neural network based run-to-run controller (NNRTRC) performs better than the double exponentially weighted moving average (d-EWMA) approach. It is also suggested that the proposed approach can be further implemented as both an end-point detector and a pad-conditioning sensor.

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