In this paper, results from actual braking tests of a low-floor, two-axle transit bus are used to validate a dynamic model of the bus. The model, developed using the commercial multibody dynamic system simulation software ADAMS, is an 18 DOF full-bus model of a transit bus equipped with air suspension and pneumatic brakes with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). An ABS algorithm was implemented in MATLAB/Simulink and linked to the ADAMS full-bus model using co-simulations. The validated full-bus model was then used to study lateral and roll stability of a transit bus during combined braking and cornering maneuvers on various road surface conditions. Numerical experiments were also conducted to study the effects of variations in total load on the dynamics of the bus during braking while cornering. The results indicate the danger of yaw-instability on slippery surfaces. Increasing the total load reduced the lateral acceleration of the bus with a less pronounced effect on the roll angle.

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