The dynamic performance of a multi-wheeled combat vehicle model specially developed in multi-body dynamics code was validated against measured data obtained on the U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center’s (ATC) test courses. The multi-wheeled combat vehicle variant that was tested was developed in the modeling software TruckSim from Mechanical Simulation Corporation. Prior to validating the model, the vehicle weights, dimensions, tires and suspension characteristics were measured and referenced in the specially developed computer simulation model. Non-linear measured tire and suspension look-up tables were used in the simulation. The predictions of the vehicle handling characteristics and transient response during lane change at different vehicle speeds were compared with field tests results. Measured and predicted results are compared on the basis of vehicle steering, yaw rates, accelerations and handling diagrams. Statistical methods such as power spectral density, root mean square, skewness, and kurtosis are applied to validate the model. Validation tolerances are defined for each set of statistical results based on ATC’s experience.

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