In this paper, an active vibration controller, designed from a wave standpoint, for suppressing coupled bending-torsion vibrations in fiber-reinforced composite beam structures is presented. Vibration control for composite structures is by far a more critical task than for their metallic counterparts because composite materials are generally much lighter and hence are more prone to unwanted vibrations. Moreover, as a result of the directional nature of fiber-reinforced composites, the vibration modes are coupled, rendering the vibration analysis and control of these structures complex. Employing a wave-based approach, vibrations are described as superposition of waves propagating through the structure. Active controllers are designed to optimally dissipate the energy of incoming vibration waves. Particularly, damping-type controllers, based on measurements of the transverse deflection and/or the torsional rotation, are obtained. These controllers are simple in form and easily implementable. Numerical examples are presented and it is shown that the wave-based active controller design is effective in suppressing vibration in materially coupled composite structures.

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