We present a developed Web-based product design and manufacturing system that supports collaborative Concurrent Engineering. It models distributed systems and databases using Web technologies, so that these distributed system and databases can be accessed anywhere in the world. In such system, product developers can exchange and share product data, communicate with other team members, modify geometry data on particular aspects of the design and maintain operations consistency in all the distributed cooperative sites on a wide variety of platforms. The new system is a Client/Server architecture. The server manages the sharing of the common model, as well as the coordination among multiple users, in which different users can modify different parts of the shared model. In addition, the server supports many client through the Internet, and it also allows peer to peer negotiation, sharing different databases located in different machines, establishing relations between them at run time. A group of users can work together in a common single write mode, which continuously synchronized with the master copy on the central server. The proposal model is producing a new manner and has many algorithms for viewing, editing, synchronizing, and collaboration coordination. It utilizes Java 3D to view 3D CAD files in interactive manner. It introduces an intelligent user interface for editing and modification. STEP, which is international standard introduced by the International Standards Organization (ISO), is used to exchange engineering information. Java Server Page (JSP) is used for Collaboration coordination and semantic-based coordination.

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