The objective of this study was to measure the complete three-dimensional loads at each of the support contacts namely both hand contacts, and the support loads at the rib cage and the pelvis during chiropractic treatments for low back pain. Two small force transducers were used to measure hand contact loads, and a specially instrumented force plate table was used for measuring support loads. A doctor of chiropractic delivered fourteen spinal manipulations to the lumbar spines of five subjects during a period of three weeks. The results showed that there are three dimensional loads at each of the four contact points. The loads at the thrusting hands reached as high as 382N. For the stabilizing hands the maximum loads were 160N. The support loads reached as high as 727N at the pelvic support and 660N at the rib cage support. This study reports for the first time data on the loads at each of the hand contact points and the support locations during chiropractic spinal manipulation.

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