Effective and efficient methods in computational mechanics have been of interest for the designers and engineers in the last decade. A 3D super elements is developed and implemented for the free vibration analysis of the composite plates. These new elements have been constructed by a 2D super elements in the plane direction and p-version finite element in the thickness direction. Results of 2D super elements are comparable to SHELL 63 and results of 3D super elements with cubic polynomial are comparable to SHELL 93. In the thin plates, 2D super element (or SHELL 63) and 3D super elements (or SHELL 93) have same results, but in the thick plates results change drastically. Natural frequencies of thick plates analyzed by one 3D super element in comparison with 25 conventional elements (SHELL 63 and SHELL 93) by ANSYS software indicate good agreement in the results with a maximum 4% deviation.

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