The development of a Virtual Lab for model composite materials in general and concrete in particular, is the main issue that is discussed in this paper. The contribution to the stimulation interactive research and development for technological innovations paves the way for exploitation of a Virtual Lab that facillitates the interactive development and integration of so-called multi-aspect models. The reason why concrete is considered as a multi-aspect material will be discussed with emphasis on the various levels of detail at which this material can be modelled. The complexity of the processes that are active at each of the particular levels originates the need for un-structuring commonly applied simulation models into Detailed Models controlled by a central Core Model. It establishes a sound basis for the development of a Virtual Modelling Laboratory (VML) In this paper, the focus will successfully be on concrete as a multi-aspect material, followed by the approach towards model integration. For this, the enabling ICT technologies will be discussed in detail. The paper ends with an overview on how innovations will benefit from the development of the VML as proposed abstract text here.

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