In this study, the problem of the free asymmetric vibrations of composite “full” circular cylindrical shells with a bonded single lap joint is considered. The “full” circular cylindrical shell adherends to be made of dissimilar and orthotropic materials are connected by relatively very thin, yet flexible and linearly elastic adhesive layer. The bonded single lap joint is a centrally located in the composite shell system. The analysis is based on a “Timoshenko-Mindlin (and Reissner) Type Shell Theory” which is a “First Order Shear Deformation Shell Theory (FSDST)”. In the formulation, the set of governing differential equations is reduced to a system of first order ordinary differential equations in the “state vector” form. Then, they are integrated by means of a numerical procedure, that is, the “Modified Transfer Matrix Method (with Chebyshev Polynomials)”. The mode shapes and the natural frequencies of the “full” cylindrical shell lap joint system are investigated for various boundary conditions. Also, the effects, on the modes and natural frequencies, of the “hard” (or rather relatively stiff) and the “soft” (or relatively very flexible) adhesive layer cases are considered and presented. Some of the numerical results of the important parametric studies are computed and plotted.

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