We have developed a new approach to achieve a high-speed micromirror, which can rapidly tilt large angles with a low voltage and a compact footprint. In our approach we use a liquid metal drop with a low vapor pressure as the pivot, and the micromirror is tilted by an electrostatic torque. Micromirrors (1 mm x 1 mm) and the actuating circuit are microfabricated with a centralized wetting area surrounded by a non-wetting Parylene area to confine the drop. The frequency response curve shows that the mirror has 78V snap-down voltage and resonant frequency at 165Hz, and has a potential resonant frequency more than 3k Hz if the size of the mirror and liquid metal pivot is reduced. A micromirror with a liquid metal pivot is expected to have significantly higher reliability since a liquid drop does not suffer from mechanical fatigue. Due to the single point support, the micromirror can be tilted in an arbitrary direction, and the fabrication process is simpler than those required to create solid torsional weak links.

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