Techniques of manufacturing integral marine propellers by Parallel Kinematics Machine (PKM) are discussed in this paper, and complete CAD/CAM steps for manufacturing propellers using UG CAD/CAM system are presented. The designed propeller model is defined by a series of aerofoil sections data, so UG/CAD module are used to create the 3-dimensional model of propeller, and tool paths are generated in UG/CAM module. Vericut is adopted to simulate the tool paths generated by UG/CAM and to check interferences. NC postprocessor for PKM is developed on the basis of UG/Post. It is invoked in UG/CAM and converts tool path data into NC program to drive PKM. Finally, machining experiments based on all the techniques discussed in this paper are made. Not only does it puts forward a new scheme and machine to manufacture marine propellers, but also can push the industrialization and practicality of PKM.

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