Micro-Deformation Technology (MDT) is a proprietary material deformation process that was originally developed for the production of engineered heat transfer tubing. The patented process employs a fixed tool, which mechanically and plastically deforms the work piece to form finite and repeatable channels. These channels are developed in one continuous pass or multiple passes of the tool and the geometric shape and angle of the tool define the final channeled form. The MDT process can achieve a variety of channles form. The MDT process can achieve a variety of channel depths, channel widths, fin shapes and angularity. It can be applied to rounds, sheet and contoured work pieces. MDT is readily adaptable to conventional machining and milling equipment. The MDT process can be performed on nearly any ductile material. Materials ranging from titanium, stainless steel, silver, aluminum, copper, to the non-metallic materials like Teflon, polyethylene, rubber and PVC have been successfully processed. Most materials can be channeled in excess of 250 channels/inch. The process generates no material fines and lubrication is not required for most applications. MDT is therefore ideal for precious metal conversion and secondary cleaning steps are generally not required. Channeling sheet from opposite sides, MDT is capable of producing fine meshes via the intersection of the angled channel depths. The repeatable and uniform channels produce an extremely uniform pore distribution from a solid body. The unique attributes of MDT make it an enabling technology. By itself or in combination with current processes, it opens capability that previously did not exist. Potential applications include: filters and screens; catalyst substrates; heat transfer; material flow and separation; heat pipes; surface cladding and adhesion; capillary structures; surface preparation; and solid surface lubrication, to name only a few.

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