In many situations, composite structures are subjected to dynamic loading. To design such structures, there is a need of dynamic material properties. In the current investigations, a compression Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar was modified to load the samples in punch shear mode. Experimental studies were conducted to characterize 24 layer woven graphite/epoxy laminate samples. Laminates were manufactured using vacuum assisted resin infusion molding process with two types of fabric architecture: plain and 8-harness satin weave. Samples of nominal size 26 mm × 13 mm × 4 mm were subjected to dynamic punch shear tests at three different pressure settings that yielded strain rates in the range of 1200–3400/s. Results of the tests indicate that the dynamic shear strength increases with increase with the strain rate for both types of laminates. Plain weave graphite/epoxy laminates yielded higher shear strength as compared to satin weave graphite/epoxy laminates due to higher crimp angle.

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