Laminar natural convection in a two-dimensional horizontal channel is very important in laptop design, since optimizing the utilization of the cooler saves energy from the battery. In this work, this configuration has been numerically studied. Three cases were studied according to the position of the heat sources in the lower wall, upper wall and both. The computational domain consisted of two adiabatic walls where the heat sources were positioned, and two open boundaries, where the manometric pressure and normal gradient of velocity were zero. Ambient temperature was prescribed for the entering fluid and zero normal gradient for the exiting fluid. Fluid properties were assumed constant except for the density change with temperature on the buoyancy term. The influence of the modified Rayleigh number, position of the heat sources and heat flux ratio between the sources were analyzed for Prandtl number of 0.7. The maximum temperature excess on the heat source is lower for the case with two heat sources and Ra = 104. This preliminary study showed the existence of a minimum value of the excess temperature for the studies aspect ratio (0.1).

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