The aim of the first part of this paper is to reach the optimum design parameters of a gear set when it works as part of an internal gear pump type gerotor. The performance of the gear teeth and the whole gear set are evaluated through analytical studies to obtain the maximum contact stress in gear teethe and the volumetric characteristics. Several gear sets have been examined and the results are presented. The aim of the second part of the this paper is to documents a better understanding of the performance of a crankshaft mounted gerotor pump for IC engines lubrication. Modeling, simulation and experimental work have been examined for a specific unit. A preliminary 2D simulation is carried out by using the Finite Element Method (FEX) to calculate the maximum contact stress. At the testing phase, a prototype model of the gear set provides the maximum contact stress on a pair of teeth by using photoelasticity measurement techniques. The results are exposed and discussed and possible alterations are proposed.

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