It is commonly known that the characteristics of a fluid power pump depend on pump type, pressure, rotational speed and displacement. But in addition to these, also all the other parameters or factors associated with the operating conditions may have a significant effect on the characteristics. The most important of these are the pump construction and size, operating point temperature and the characteristics of the oil, which also depend on temperature and pressure. The aim of this study is to show the effects that the varying operational conditions have on the characteristics of a axial piston pump, to compare the measured characteristics with other published characteristics of axial piston pumps and to study the capability of pump models to represent these characteristics. The results include information of the effects of fluid temperature, type of fluid and the setting value of the displacement on the pump characteristics along with the effects of pressure and rotational speed. The sensitivity of the pump to each of the parameters is discussed. The effect of limited information of pump characteristics on the reliability of simulation results is studied using the Schlo¨sser models.

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