Nanomanipulation based on atomic force microscope is one of the key technologies for nanomanufacturing. It plays important role in practical fabrication of nanodevices. In this paper, nanomanipulation method is used to build a structure in nanometer scale. A basic pattern made up of single-wall carbon nanotube on silicon substrate was successfully obtained by sophisticated manipulations, and thus provides an effective way to make more complicated nanostructures. In the meantime, experiments results also show a promising prospect to build future nanodevices step by step using this technique. Carbon nanotubes are selected as the raw materials for nanofabrication due to their excellent mechanical and electrical properties, which are the most suitable for the application in building nano-electromechanical systems (NEMS). In addition, the major failure modes of nanomanipulation experiments were also analyzed by FED-SEM observation. The main factors affecting the final manipulation results, wear and pollution of tips, and their corresponding relations between tips and experiment results were analyzed. Furthermore, the preventive measurements were proposed in order to get better results. A new method for measuring manipulating forces was explored in the experiments based on a commercial AFM (Atom Force Microscope). Lateral forces while manipulating and cutting a single-walled carbon nanotube was successfully measured that providing valuable information for quantitative research on nanomechanics.

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