This paper deals with the Fuzzy Logic control of a Magnetic Levitation system [1] available in the Robotics and Control Laboratory at Duke University. The laboratory Magnetic Levitation system primarily consists of a metallic ball, an electromagnet and an infrared optical sensor. The objective of the control experiment is to balance the metallic ball in a magnetic field at a desired position against gravity. The dynamics and control complexity of the system makes it an ideal control laboratory experiment. The student can design their own control schemes and/or change the parameters on the existing control modes supplied with the Magnetic Levitation system, and evaluate and compare their performances. In the process, they overcome challenges such as designing various control techniques, choose which specific control strategy to use, and learn how to optimize it. A Fuzzy Logic control scheme was designed and implemented to control the Magnetic Levitation system. Position and rate of change of position were the inputs to Fuzzy Logic Controller. Experiments were performed on the existing Magnetic Levitation system. Results from these experiments and digital simulation are presented in the paper.

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