This paper presents the design and construction of a 6-degree-of-freedom (6-DOF) multi-dimensional positioner. This positioner is based on a novel concentrated-field magnet matrix, and its electromagnetic operational principle is presented. This high-precision positioning system consists of a magnet-matrix base and a triangular single-moving platen that carries three 3-phase permanent-magnet linear levitation motor stators. With a combination of six independent force components, the moving platen can generate any 6-DOF motion. Three aerostatic bearings are used to provide the suspension force against gravity for the system. We designed and implemented digital lead-lag controllers running on a digital signal processor (DSP). Currently, the positioner has a position resolution of 20 nm and position noise of 10 nm rms. The planar traveling range is 160 mm × 160 mm and the maximum velocity achieved so far is 0.5 m/s with 5-m/s2 acceleration in the y-direction, which is highly suitable for semiconductor manufacturing applications. Several 2-dimensional motion profiles are presented to demonstrate the stage’s capability of accurately tracking any extended planar paths.

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