Nanomanipulation as a new emerging area enable to change, interact and control the nanoscale phenomenon precisely. In this paper, teleoperated and automatic control strategies for Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) probe based nanomanipulation applications are introduced. Teleoperated touching to silicon surfaces at the nanoscale is realized using a scaled bilateral force-reflecting servo type teleoperation control with a custom-made 1 d.o.f. haptic device and AFM system. 1-D nanoforce sensing on the operator’s finger is achieved during vertical or horizontal motion of the AFM probe tip on surfaces. Then, automatic constant height and force control strategies are introduced for pushing nanoparticles and indenting soft surfaces. 14nm radius gold nanoparticles are successfully positioned with few nanometers resolution, and wax surface is indented with a conical AFM tip. Finally, major nanoscale control challenges are reported.

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