In this paper, a new method is proposed for controlling bifurcations of nonlinear dynamical systems. This approach employs the idea used in deriving the transition variety sets of bifurcations with constraints to find the stability region of equilibrium points in parameter space. With this method, one can design, via a feedback control, appropriate parameter values to delay either static, or dynamic or both bifurcations as one wishes. The approach is applied to consider controlling bifurcations of the Ro¨ssler system. The uncontrolled Ro¨ssler has two equilibrium solutions, one of which exhibits static bifurcation while the other has Hopf bifurcation. When a feedback control based on the new method is applied, one can delay the bifurcations and even change the type of bifurcations. An optimal control law is obtained to stabilize the Ro¨ssler system using all feasible system parameter values. Numerical simulations are used to verify the analytical results.

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