This study was performed to develop the accelerated life test method using Weibull-IPL (Inverse Power Law) model for power train components that are running on cyclic loads. Weibull-IPL model is concerned with determining the assurance life with confidence level and the accelerated life test time. From the relation of weibull distribution factors and confidence limit, the testing times on the no or some number of failure acceptance criteria are determined. The power train components under cyclic loads generally represent wear and fatigue characteristics as a failure mode. IPL based on the cumulative damage theory is applied effectively the mechanical components to reduce the testing time and to achieve the accelerating test conditions. The proposed Weibull-IPL model is an approach to improve the reliability assessment on the statistical distribution and wear out failure mechanism concepts. As the actual application example, accelerated life test method of agricultural tractor transmission was described. Life distribution of agricultural tractor transmission was supposed to follow Weibull distribution and life test time was calculated under the conditions of average life (MTBF) 3,000 hours and 90% confidence level for one test sample. According to IPL, because test time can be shorten in case increase test load, test time could be reduced by 482 hours when we put the load 1.1 times of rated load than 0.73 times of rated load that is equivalent load calculated by load spectrum of the agricultural tractor. This time, acceleration factor was 11.7. This Weibull-IPL model can be used to develop accelerated test method of gear reducer, hydraulic hose, bearing and etc.

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