This paper proposes three methods to fabricate synthetic gecko foot-hair high aspect ratio polymer micro/nanostructures. In the first method, nano-robotically indented templates are molded with liquid polymers, and the cured polymer is peeled off or etched away. Atomic force microscope and scanning tunneling microscope probe tips are used to emboss/indent flat wax surfaces, and silicone rubber micro/nano-bump structures are demonstrated. The second one uses a self-organized polycarbonate nano-pore membrane as the molding template. PDMS is molded into these micro/nano-pores under vacuum, and 1:2 and 1:9 aspect ratio pillar structures with 5 micron and 0.6 micron diameters are manufactured successfully. Finally, a directed self-assembly technique is proposed to grow regularly spaced and oriented micro/nano-pillars. Here, instability of a liquid polymer thinfilm under a DC electric field is used to grow nano-pillars, and stretching and shearing of the grown hairs enable high aspect ratio and oriented hair structures. These hair structures will be utilized as novel biomimetic dry adhesives in future miniature space and surgical robot feet.

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