This study expanded an existing full car dynamic model (HVOSM.VD2) to enable simulation of electric, hybrid electric, and fuel cell vehicles with integrated vehicle stability systems. A prototype range extending series hybrid vehicle was constructed with independent front wheel drives. A hybrid vehicle stability assist (VSA) algorithm was developed to perform proportional control of yaw rate through left/right distribution of front motor torques while simultaneously blending anti-lock braking and traction control with electric drive within hybrid system power limits. The new model, Hybrid Electric Vehicle Dynamic Environment, Virtual (HEVDEV), was used to simulate the hybrid VSA safety system in the prototype. Skid pad testing was performed to validate HEVDEV simulations of steady state turning behavior and develop hybrid VSA control parameters. Further simulations predicted successful hybrid VSA performance during step-steer and braking-in-a-turn dynamic maneuvers. Conclusions were made about hybrid VSA and vehicle component specifications.

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