The need for transferring a disabled individual from a wheelchair to another location and vice versa cannot be underemphasized, given the numerous day-to-day activities that may require relocation of the person and the psychological factors involved. While there are some devices currently available on the market that aid in transferring the handicapped individuals from one location to another, few are available for transferring them from a wheelchair to an automobile. Vehicular lifts, which is general require modification of the vehicle, and automobiles custom modified to accommodate wheelchairs are some examples of devices that facilitate transfer of individuals. However, these devices are in general suitable for one vehicle only and relatively expensive. This paper present the design of a device that will allow an individual to transfer himself/herself easily and safely from a wheelchair to automobile or another location and vice versa, with minimal assistance and at a relatively lower cost. Presented are the design and test results from a prototype. The results demonstrate that the intended specifications are satisfied and that this relatively low-cost design is likely to deliver a satisfactory performance and provide individuals in wheelchairs with more freedom to travel. Because of the easy usbility, less dependence on assistants, and ability for a larger range of vehicles to be used, the design may also provide feeling of independence.

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