To date, human responses in motor vehicle rollover accidents have been studied through the use of Hybrid III dummies in dolly vehicle rollover tests, quasi-static spit tests where the vehicle and occupant are rotated slowly about the rotation axis of the spit fixture, computer simulations and vehicle drop tests. To demonstrate human responses to dynamic rollover conditions more accurately we designed and built a fixture to accommodate a passenger compartment in a hoop structure that rotates as it translates. The rotational axis of the hoop structure is offset from the rotational axis of the passenger compartment to replicate vehicle center of gravity motion seen in dolly rollover tests. Testing showed the difference in restraint behavior depending upon whether the occupant was seated on the near (initially leading) or far side. It demonstrated that human and Hybrid III dummy neck response is very different. The human test subject received no injuries from diving into the roof of the passenger compartment even though this is the predicted injury mechanism reported in several technical papers.

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