This paper investigates the effect of small misplacements on both the free vibration modes and forced vibration responses of a four-panel simply supported plate with two intermediate simple supports in two orthogonal directions. Kantorovich’s method is employed to obtain the natural frequencies and the corresponding vibration modes. Galerkin’s method is applied to determine the forced vibration response of the four-panel plate subjected to a harmonic concentrated load at the center of one of its four panels. Comparisons between numerical results obtained using the current approach and those using the exact solution and the finite element method are made to demonstrate the accuracy of the current approach. It is found that the small misplacements of the intermediate supports have dramatic effects on the vibration response of the plate. The larger the misplacement of the intermediate supports, the larger the degree of vibration localization. By judiciously introducing misplacements in the intermediate simple supports, the vibration of some of the four panels may be controlled.

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